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...Found In Sunlight
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An adult Twilight community for fanfiction, discussion and graphics!
about found in sunlight

This community exists for those who appreciate the Twilight series, but are having a difficult time finding their space in the fandom. 'Found in Sunlight' is an ADULT community with no exceptions - if any member is found to be under the age of 19 they will be removed. Every member is encouraged to share Twilight related material - whether it is a graphic, fanfiction or otherwise. Please read the rules and etc. before adding!


Any and ALL fanfiction that is brought into this community must be a recommendation. This means you are not able to post your own stories.
Q: "Why can't I post my own....My friend says my story is awesome....What if it is really good?"

A: If your story is awesome/good it will be found by someone else who will like it enough to post it here. The reason why fanfiction gets its own section in this thing is because this particular rule is extremely important. There is (unfortunately) a lot of poorly written Twilight fic, and to help everyone rifle through the mess - we have a place for recommendations. Note: Not all stories have to be of a certain rating...This community is adult based, the fanfiction is not limited to NC17 or M ratings.

Please include the following information for each piece you recommend:
Link (If you are not re-posting the fic itself):

rules! pt.1

The regular, everyday community rules...
1. Don't pick on others. It is a cruel world out there...support the people around you.
2. PREVIEW your comments/posts before submitting - do this to spell check/ make sure your post is presentable.
3. Keep all user icons SFW* and be sure to cut ALL NSFW* material.
4. Speaking of cuts, use them. If something is getting a little lengthy, or you have 3+ HQ pics to share, place the majority under a cut so friend pages and the community itself isn't flooded by one post.
5. Please do not post with the sole purpose of promoting your own/ any other comm.
6. NoT THat I THiNK aNyOnE POSTS LyKeee tHIS AnYmOrE!!!!!111 - But please avoid all netspeak, or any other form annoying text.

*SFW: Safe For Work
*NSFW: Not Safe For Work

rules! pt.2

Aaand now…for community-specific rules:

1. Fanfictions may be posted as recommendations ONLY (Yeah I know, it is because it is so important that you get to see it twice).
2. You MUST be over the age of nineteen to become a member of this community.
3. All pairings are accepted.

5. ALL POSTS WHICH CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT MUST BE FLAGGED AS SUCH. If you do not know how to do this, please ask before posting.

And, not that it is a rule, but try and participate! This community should be a safe haven for mature Twilight readers to go and talk/share with other mature Twilight readers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions/ suggest ideas/ bring content to the community!

before friending…

Please comment to the friends only post with your favorite book as the subject (From the Twilight Series) and then:
“I acknowledge that by joining this community, I will be assumed to have read all rules and will abide by them, and declare that I am 19 years of age or older”.

If you want, you can jazz it up by concluding with a tidbit about yourself, or anything else that pleases you! :)


As of Nov. 23rd 2008: Found in Sunlight opens!
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